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ISO 14001:2004
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ISO 14001:2004
ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental Management Standard

ISO 14001:2004 is the world's most recognised environmental management certification standard. Environmental management system certification, ISO 14001, basically requires the organisation to monitor and manage its impact on the environment. By controlling risks and creating improvements, not only will the organisation be protecting the environment but will also bring bottom line benefits to the performance of the company. There is also the added advantage that the standard requires the company to be aware of all the legislative requirements
That are relevant to its operations and therefore the potential for legal non compliances, and any subsequent court costs or fines, is likewise minimised. If you have any queries regarding certification to ISO 14001:2004 please contact you nearest International Certifications office.
Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility!!

Environmental Management is not, as the phrase could suggest, the management of the environment as such but more the management of man's interaction with and impact upon the environment.

In today’s competitive market place, customers, the community, and regulatory bodies are increasingly demanding that organisations demonstrate a commitment to the environment, the prevention of pollution, and the promotion of environmental sustainability. To meet these requirements, more organisations are choosing to have their environmental management systems certified to demonstrate their commitment to care of the environment.

We have no preconceived ideas on how you should apply environmental management to your business. It is your company, and you know the best way to apply the requirements of the appropriate standard. Our role is to assess whether your management system does in fact comply with the relevant standard regardless of how you have done it!

We also view support for your environmental initiatives as an important part of our activities, and therefore we look, not simply for compliance with the standard(s), but also for issues to bring to your attention in terms of how your management systems and operations could perhaps be improved. After all, when our certificate hangs in your reception area, we are entrusting our reputation into your hands!!!!

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