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     ISO 9001:2008
     ISO 14001:2004
     OHSAS 18001:2007
     ISO 22000:2005
     ISO 27001:2005
     ISO 13485:2003
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The certification process is extremely straight forward and can be broken down into six steps, as below:

1.0 - Questionnaire
We ask you to complete our certification questionnaire (two page document) to give us information about your organisation. Simply complete as much as you can. You can complete and submit this questionnaire on line now.

2.0 - Quotation
We prepare an obligation free fixed price quotation from the information that we have gathered from the questionnaire.

3.0 - Application
If you wish to accept our proposal we require you to complete a one page "application" form and return it to us. You are then logged into our database and become a client of International Certifications. Once the quotation is accepted by the client, the acceptance will be acknowledged.

4.0 - Pre-assessment form
After we log you in as a client we send you a pre-assessment form that you must complete and send back to us. This form gives us more information about your organisation, i.e. when you expect to be ready for your stage 1 audit. The Audit Team will be nominated and the client will be contacted to arrange a Stage 1 audit.

5.0 - Stage 1 assessment
We conduct a stage 1 assessment where we review your management system documentation to ensure it is in full compliance with the chosen standard(s). We also do a review to ensure that you are fully prepared for the full stage 2 certification assessment. A full report will be prepared and forwarded to you after the assessment.

6.0 - Stage 2 certification assessment
Once we are satisfied that your documentation meets the necessary requirements, we conduct a full on-site audit of your management system. In very basic terms - "we check to see that you do in practice what you say you in your system documentation". If no major non-conformances are identified during the audit, the information is processed and the organisation becomes certified to the chosen standard. Once the organisation is certified we then conduct surveillance audits every six or twelve months.
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